Robert Downey Jr as Doctor Doom?|Does the MCU multiverse amount to something can occur?

The Iron Man star almost assumed the part quite a while back in Fantastic Four. Will the film’s reboot see the most recent ‘almost was’ turned into an ‘is’, following Nicolas Enclosure’s Superman?

It’s likely not giving an excess of away about the approaching, advertised to-the-ether Streak film to uncover that it plays vigorously, and with extraordinary delight, on well known “almost were” castings as it digs into the multiverse. Warner Brothers/DC has proactively affirmed that Nicolas Enclosure will show up momentarily as Superman in Andy Muschietti’s comic book epic.

Robert Downey Jr as Doctor Doom?

Amazing luck, then, at that point, for us to find an all-new sliding entryways second that could have changed the essence of the opponent Wonder Realistic Universe. In another video praising the 15th commemoration of Iron Man, director Jon Favreau uncovers that star Robert Downey Jr was in before converses with play the antagonist Specialist Destruction in the profoundly normal Tim Story-coordinated Fantastic Four (2005). Eventually, the job went to Nip/Fold’s Julian McMahon, however that’s what assuming you recollect, it’s presumably in light of the fact that you’re ready for action to go on Genius having some expertise in “dark superhuman films” .

Robert Downey Jr as Doctor Doom?

Might this be the latest “almost was” moment to end up morphing into reality, thanks to the multiverse? Probably not, but it’s certainly fun to imagine, and stranger things have no doubt happened in the last five seconds in this brave new era of comic book stunt casting. Marvel already gave us John Krasinski as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic in an alternate version of reality visited by the one-time sorcerer supreme in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, largely because fans had clamoured for the casting. Some were hoping to see Tom Cruise as Tony Stark/Iron Man, but you can’t have everything.

It’s certainly feasible, considering how quickly the Wonder arrangement was changing during the 00s (from hands-off freedoms holder in the early piece of the ten years to completely fledged smaller than expected studio toward the end) that Downey Jr could in any case have ended up playing the job of Iron Man. All things considered, Story’s Johnny Tempest/Human Light, Chris Evans, turned out to be given a role as Captain America in the MCU, and went on for a long time. Additionally conceivable playing the job of lead antagonist in what ended up being one of the feeblest comic book films of the time could have scuppered Downey Jr’s profession by and large, given the entertainer’s widely acclaimed battles during the period preceding his giving a role as Tony Distinct.

Or can you? Marvel’s version of the multiverse would certainly allow Downey Jr to appear as Doctor Doom in the forthcoming, Matt Shakman-directed Fantastic Four reboot. And if you’re going to roar back to the MCU after playing such a huge part in its success, then surely doing so as a high-profile villain – one that’s never been adequately represented on the big screen – would be the perfect resurrection.

The only issue is that Marvel would no longer have the option in its back pocket of restoring Downey Jr as an alternate reality version of Stark in a future movie. And you just know that’s got to be lurking somewhere in the dark corners of the MCU writers’ room, a button to be pushed when times get really tough (or several Marvel movies in a row fail to score at least a billion dollars at the box office.)

Then again, Ezra Miller is said to be superb as two different versions of Barry Allen (who share the screen for much of the film’s run-time) in . So why not double down on Downey Jr and let him play both roles?

Madness you say? Hey, DC just put Cage back in his Superman suit, and Michael Keaton is about to soar across the Gotham skyline once more as a septuagenarian Batman. There are other Easter egg moments in The Flash that will put your eyeballs on stalks. In the modern era of the comic book movie multiverse, all bets are off.

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